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The wooded Murtal region, where you can breathe "the healthiest air in all of Austria", offers a journey through time in the fascinating world of wood, with its Styrian Wood Museum in St. Ruprecht ob Murau, the Styrian Road of wood and Murau "city of wood". 
Hundreds of kilometers of pistes and cycle paths lead to the discovery of valleys, valleys and rewarding panoramic lookouts. It is certainly worth visiting the historic cities of Judenburg, Murau and Oberwölz. 
In the Grebenzen Nature Park there are instead unique fauna and flora, and it is itself an invitation to make water or geological excursions, to ride and rowing, to discover the high-altitude bog of Dürnberg and to capture the charm of culture in the Benedictine abbey of St. Lambrecht. 
In theory, the natural park is "a protected landscape space, which originated from the cooperation of men and nature". 
In practice it is a small miracle. Because there are hundreds of species of animals and plants that exist on a surface of 285 square meters in all and that arouse great amazement even in scientists.